Date: 24-27 August, 2022

Venue: University of Bucharest

Organization: Gabriela Bîlbîie, James Griffiths, Volker Struckmeier

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Like previous iterations, the fourth edition of the Experimental and Corpus-based Approaches to Ellipsis (ECBAE) functions as a forum for ellipsis research, with special emphasis on methodologies aiming to improve the empirical foundations of the subfield. Contributions to the workshop will make headway in long-standing theoretical questions surrounding ellipsis and will furnish advice on practical issues, such as how experimental methodologies can be improved to return more empirically reliable and theoretically impactful results. The proposed workshop aims to cover a broad spectrum of ellipsis types (e.g. fragments, sluicing, post-auxiliary ellipsis, gapping, pseudogapping, etc.) and a range of methodologies (e.g. acceptability judgment, corpus-driven, production experiments, self-paced reading).